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442 Service for Password Policy, and implementation for OpenLDAP (references #208) coudot 2635d 11h /
441 Fix reading of external configuration file (references #206) coudot 2648d 13h /
440 Option for HTTPS (references #205) coudot 2648d 13h /
439 Expose entry parameter getter and setter rouazana 2677d 06h /
438 Use dnDisplayer when editing is not allowed for an autocomplete attribute (references #204) rouazana 2677d 06h /
437 Implement pre/post processing while deleting entries (references #203) rouazana 2683d 08h /
436 Graphical component for CSV export (references #202) coudot 2688d 06h /
435 LdapTreeDisplayer now needs the first structure to display, not the parent structure. Allow to display children correctly (references #201) rouazana 2695d 06h /
434 Simple component to display LDAP trees (references #201) rouazana 2697d 05h /
433 Fix logic inversion resulting in array out of bound rouazana 2699d 08h /
432 Pass userUid in context in the event creation link (references #200) coudot 2699d 08h /
431 Fix and enhance associate component rouazana 2704d 07h /
430 Little optimization, thanks to F. Martin: don't return all attributes when only DN is needed. rouazana 2705d 07h /
429 Missing file in previous commit (references #199)
Done in previous commit too: allow to parse easily variable length DN in DnDisplayer.
rouazana 2705d 08h /
428 DnAutocomplete in BeanEditor (references #199) rouazana 2705d 08h /
427 - Return the post-processed entry when creating an entry
- Post-create must use the entry return by pre-create, not the original one
rouazana 2724d 08h /
426 getRdns return an immutable list, making set() to throw an exception. Fixed. rouazana 2724d 08h /
425 Allow cache for DnList to be cleared easily rouazana 2725d 12h /
424 Help messages (references #197) coudot 2745d 11h /
423 First help messages (references #197) coudot 2747d 05h /

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